86 years with a tradition of quality

86 years ago, a great man, tenacious and austere, started one of the first companies to supply the needs of the incipient automotive industry in Chile.

Mr. José Allué Barea, together with his first company, formed his large family, to which, over the years, he transmitted and taught the trade learned from his parents, in the mother country. All this allows today, Mr. Enrique Allué Hernández to preside over what is currently the first large vehicle equipment company in Chile, Conversions San José Ltda.

In 2002 the company built its new industrial plant located in the Puerto Santiago Industrial Park, 5 minutes from the Santiago International Airport.

Enrique Allué Nualart, General Manager of Conversions San José, received the same training from his father, being today the head of this great company, made up of a team of highly qualified professionals, which has allowed the implementation of, as of 2005, the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000, to respond to the demands of the national and international market.

Conversiones San José is today the first company in the automotive area that makes non-traditional exports, and it also has strengthened successful alliances with prestigious automotive distributors, in order to expand the alternatives of products and to give higher support, and a better service for its clients..

In 2007 TMG, Technology Motor Group is created, a new brand aimed at satisfying different markets and customers of the Safety Vehicles Area.

In 2009, its facilities were moved and its new Industrial Plant opened, now located in Oceanic 9750, in the same Industrial Park, which has a total of 23,000 m2 and 4,200 m2 built of new facilities, which allow a greater and better response to the always increasing requirements of its customers. Also during this year the International Certification ISO 9001 UKAS No. 008 is obtained.

In this same year the range of TMG Products is expanded, with the creation of a new Area dedicated to the manufacture of Buses and Minibuses for urban and suburban service; Its first project is the development of a range of bodies for Bicentennial model buses .

Moreover, some measures are being implemented in order to contribute to the environmental care; such as to reduce the production of toxic waste, to recycle material, to improve the management of raw materials and processes that affect the environment, etc., being this the first and only one company in managing, in a consistent way, the care and environmental safety issue..

In 2014, we obtained the first BioGelCoat patent worldwide, which is a coverage system for the copper nanoparticles used on all the side and top walls inside our ambulances.