Continuous technological innovation

The special vehicles of Conversions San José and special vehicles TMG are in a continuous development of innovations in their equipment, in order to offer advanced products, both in design and in technological advancement of their components.
This philosophy is expressed in the design and development of innovative details, such as beacon holders, efficient furniture solutions, new materials and construction solutions, development of electrical and electronic equipment with lower consumption, less wear and greater reliability..

Some of the innovations, by way of example, are:

  • Fiber beacons with led lights.
  • Digital control boards.
  • FLEX-FV flexible glass fiber, whose main characteristics are: greater impact resistance; greater asepsis, better termination and longer life.

And in addition, this Industrial Plant also houses the offices of; general management, commercial management, administrative offices (finance, personnel and others), engineering, design and project development, sales offices, customer service, etc..