Sanitary Medical Cabin


Sanitary Medical Cabin


Our sanitary medical cabin has been developed to be quickly assembled in different truck chassis.

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1.7 Mt.


1.64 Mt.


2.4 Mt.


500 Kg.



• Full inner lining of PRFV FLEX (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer), aseptic and washable.

• High traffic floor, Linex treatment.

• Thermal, acoustic and flame retardant insulation.

• Low consumption LED beacons: front and rear.

• High brightness and visibility perimeter lights.

• Backlight lighting procedure area.

• High power multitonal siren.

• Water heating / Heavy Duty air conditioning.

• Large capacity medicine cabinet in aseptic GRP, rear doors, opening safe.

• Paramedical seat with 3-point safety belt and storage compartment.

• Aluminum stretcher, retractable legs, 3-point anchor.

• Central oxygen network and / or type DISS aspiration.

• Oxygen therapy equipment.

• Long adult spinal table.

• High VHF / HF communication equipment.

• Air extractor.

• 2000W inverter. 220V 110V

• Blower system: air pressurization in a medical cabin.

• Indoor LED lighting in the Hut (06 modules).

• GRP body, joined with last generation adhesives,

currently used in the automotive and shipping industry.

• Available, depending on chassis characteristics and various configurations, of

according to your requirements.

• Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer.

• High chemical resistance.

• Lightweight / Washable.

• High tenacity.

• High mechanical resistance, High shock absorption.

• Durability.

• Flexible.

• Sterilizable.

• High softening temperature.

• Good environmental resistance against UV rays.

• In case of breakage it is repairable.

• Weight +/- 450 kg.

Sanitary Medical Cabin


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